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Voluntary GOST R certification

GOST R is a Russian national certification system. At the moment, the mandatory GOST R certificates have been replaced by certificates for compliance with the technical regulations of the Customs Union. As they come into force, an increasing proportion of products goes out of the scope of mandatory requirements of the GOST R system, so many applicants are increasingly turning to the procedure for conformity assessment in the form of voluntary certification.

The Government of the Russian Federation established the "Unified List of Products Subject to Mandatory Certification" (Decree No. 982 of December 1, 2009). For products that are not included in this list, mandatory certification of products in the GOST R system is not provided for, but, it may still be subject to mandatory declaration of GOST R.

Voluntary certification is carried out at the initiative of the applicants (manufacturers, sellers, executors) in order to confirm the compliance of products with the requirements of standards, technical specifications and other documents determined by the applicant and can not replace both forms of mandatory conformity assessment - mandatory certification and declaration of conformity.

The certificate of conformity is issued for a period of 1 to 3 years, depending on the stability of production and the availability of a certified quality system. The validity period of the certificate is established by the certification body.

The certification procedure is carried out after the filing submission of the relevant application. Only the authorized body has the right to conduct the certification procedure. Our company has the necessary accreditation in the GOST R system.

Voluntary certificate of conformity GOST R is the guarantor of quality of production, increasing the loyalty and trust of consumers to it. The certificate makes it possible to apply additional marking to the product, which is often used by large companies that label products with mandatory mark as well as with a voluntary certification mark.
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