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TR CU 010/2011 "On the safety of machinery and equipment"

The scope of accreditation of our certification body allows us to carry out work on conformity assessment in the form of declaration and certification in accordance with the requirements of the technical regulations of the Customs Union TR TR 010/2011 "On the safety of machinery and equipment" for the following products:

  • Forge-and-press machines;
  • Technological equipment for foundry production;
  • Equipment for welding and gas-thermal spraying;
  • cutters;
  • Garage equipment for motor vehicles and trailers;
  • Means of small mechanization of orchard-garden and mechanized equipment for forestry use, including electric;
  • Agricultural machines;
  • road machines, equipment for the preparation of building mixtures;
  • equipment and machinery for construction;
  • Mechanized tools, including electric;
  • equipment for the building materials industry;
  • electric and petrol motor chainsaws;
  • machinery and equipment for communal services;
  • industrial laundry equipment;
  • water-heating and heating apparatus operating on liquid and solid fuels;
  • Industrial fans;
  • industrial air conditioners;
  • air heaters and air coolers;
  • heating boilers operating on liquid and solid fuels;
  • Technological equipment for light industry;
  • Technological equipment for the textile industry;
  • Technological equipment for the production of chemical fibers, fiberglass and asbestos yarns;
  • Technological equipment for food, meat and dairy and fish industry;
  • technological equipment for flour-grinding, mixed fodder and elevator industry, mineral fertilizers and toxic chemicals industry;
  • Technological equipment for trade, public catering and food-processing enterprises;
  • polygraphic equipment;
  • technological equipment for glass, porcelain, faience and cable industry;
  • Tools with insulated handles for operation in electrical installations with voltages up to 1000V;
  • Fitting and assembly tools;
  • machine tool products

IMPORTANT TO KNOW: The applicant for certification and declaration of compliance according to the requirements of TR CU 010/2011 must be a legal entity registered in accordance with the legislation of the Member State of the Customs Union on its territory.
For certification of products for compliance with the requirements of TR CU 010/2011, the following is necessary:

  • constituent documents of the applicant;
  • Safety justification;
  • documents confirming the inital control, certificates, declarations on components from manufacturers, regulations on the initial control;
  • documents confirming the output control: the reports of factory tests;
  • Agreement / contract, if the applicant and the manufacturer are not the same legal entity;
  • photographs of the product with markings;
  • ISO 9001 quality system certificate (if available);
  • a list of the QMS documents in force at the enterprise;
  • technical processes of assembly of equipment;
  • drawings, electrical circuits, wiring diagrams;
  • list of components used in the equipment;
  • technical specifications, passport, operation manual, technical description of the equipment operation;
  • list of documents on the basis of which the product was manufactured (standards, specifications, directives, norms, etc.).

The validity period of the certificate of conformity and the declaration of conformity for mass production of machines and equipment is not more than 5 years. The validity period of the certificate of conformity and the declaration of conformity for the batch of products is not established.

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